Living mindfully…

through intentional practices of

energetic empowerment,

self-care, and self-healing

Awaken your Energy

Awaken to your True Self. When guided with intention, the practices of breathing, meditation, reflection, Earthing, and journaling can be beneficial in assisting with the discovery of purpose, passion, and Spiritual power.

Align your Energy

Aligning the flow of energy through our body removes blockages and the consequences of dis-ease (disease), thus strengthening health, relationships, and prosperity. Aligning the flow of our environmental energies creates spaces that optimize time, energy, productivity, sleep and prosperity.

Harmonize your Energy

Harmonizing personal energies with environmental energies through the use of natural products provides a symbiotic relationship of wellness, leading to profound change within ourselves, our communities, and ultimately our planet.

Choose to live mindfully through intentional practices of energetic alignment!

There is a voice that doesn’t use words; listen


The Zententional Living Value

Engaging with Individuals and Families
  • Embracing mindfulness and being present through awakening, aligning, and harmonizing
  • Developing a reverent relationship with Nature to release, be calm, and in the present
  • Creating spaces to maximize time, energy, productivity, sleep, and relationships
  • Empowering and living your true self with purpose, passion, power, and prosperity
Collaborating with Strategic Partners
  • Cultivating and sharing resources with health, wellness, and energy practitioners
  • Engaging with counselors to offer complimentary supportive practices to enhance wellness
  • Enhancing personal and professional development and growth to increase productivity
  • Collaborating with experts to promote self-care awareness, education, services, and support
Enhancing Communities
  • Embracing mindfulness and being present locally, regionally, and globally
  • Fostering a sense of community by connecting with Nature and promoting sustainability
  • Uniting like-minded and like-hearted individuals and families through group activities
  • Creating deep lasting change with a focus on altruism, compassion, and acceptance