Easy Peasy Mud Mask Foot Detox

We all know that our feet take a beating all day long. Cooped up in socks and shoes, they support our entire body weight when standing, and absorb the pounding of running, jumping, lifting, and other strenuous activity. So, why do we not pamper our feet to the same degree that we pamper our face, body, and mind?

Well, no more excuses. Here is an easy peasy foot detox that takes 20 minutes or less, using doTerra’s Detoxifying Mud Mask. Not only may this process draw out toxins from the body, it will definitely pamper your feet, leaving them feeling soft, rejuvenated, and loved!

Keep in mind that once the mud mask is applied to your feet, you are stuck where you are 😊 Unless you are wrapping your feet in plastic grocery bags after applying the mask, which I do not recommend for safety reasons, you are not going to be walking around for the next 20 minutes or so.

What you Need

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  • doTerra Detoxifying Mud Mask
  • Basin or tub with water in which to rinse your feet
  • Soft washcloth to remove the mud mask
  • Soft towel to dry off your feet
  • doTerra lotion and/or Essential oil of choice to apply after drying

The Easy Peasy Detox Process

Apply an even layer of doTerra’s Detoxifying Mud Mask onto the bottom of each foot. Keep your feet propped up for at least 10 minutes; preferably until the mask is fully dried. Rinse off the mask with warm water and a soft washcloth. Dry your feet with a soft towel.

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After drying, apply one of doTerra’s hand or body lotions. Try adding a few drops of your favorite doTerra essential oil to their Body Butter, or Hand and Body lotion. A few of my favorite oils are Lavender, Balance, or Purify for a calming effect, or any of the mint or citrus oils for an uplifting and energizing boost. You could also choose one of doTerra’s Touch oils, their roll-on line of essential oils.

Treat your Feet

Let’s all promise to treat our feet as well as we treat our face, body, and mind. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add this detox process during a meditation session once a week
  • Perform this detox process after a weekly Yoga session
  • Perform this detox process while watching one of your weekly TV shows
  • Include your feet when you apply the mask to your face

Published by Lindsey Foose

Lindsey is the founder of Zententional Living and the author of Awaken your Zenses, Nature Poems for Meditation and Reflection. She is a Level II Reiki practitioner, traditional Feng Shui practitioner, Energetic Empowerment Guide, and Essential Oils Specialist dedicated to empowering individuals and families to live mindfully through intentional practices. Visit Zententional-Living.space to learn more!

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