Guest Post by Elizabeth Byler, Owner, Eden Environments

Have you ever walked into a space and felt your body immediately relax? Chances are you were in a welcoming space that was intentionally designed to maximize your comfort level. The good news is we can create a welcoming space in your office!  We begin by thinking through who uses the space. From there, we assess the level of inclusion, accessibility, clarity, and hospitality that is already present and how we can up-level your efforts. Let’s look at each aspect a bit closer.

Welcome Them!

Get clear on who you want to welcome into your space and be curious about them. If it is a space for your staff, begin asking what types of work environments they work best in; quiet spaces or spaces with some background noise?

If you are community facing, you will want to think more broadly about different individuals who interact with your space.

Include Them!

Next, we evaluate how inclusive and accessible your space is.  Specifically, take a look at your signage. For bathrooms, is there a gender-neutral option? Do you have braille on your signs and clearly legible fonts?

Do you have size-inclusive seating? How wide are the pathways?

Inclusive also means thinking through things like fragrances in the space. Many people are allergic to specific fragrances or are sensitive in general to fragrances.

One of best ways to be inclusive is to have options and be prepared to adapt for different needs. I can assist you with creating your flex plan!

Inform Them!

Clear communication is key to all successful businesses. In your building and on your website, detailing different accessibility and inclusive measures can be deeply reassuring for populations who often encounter barriers in a space.

Pamper Them!

Finally, hospitality looks like anticipating needs for people. Are you able to offer beverages and perhaps snacks, some reading or visual material if people are waiting? Consider building time into meetings to allow for people to relax into the space.

If you would like to discuss further ways to create a welcoming work atmosphere, I would be happy to talk through some solutions with you! Visit my website Eden Environments or email me to schedule a complimentary consult.

Further Reading

To learn more about how to optimize your workspace, visit Natural Awakenings Lancaster/Berks website and read Elizabeth’s article:

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Elizabeth Byler Bio

Elizabeth Byler (they/them) is an organized creative— they think in terms of function and see the design which creates a cohesive, efficient space. Their experience and appreciation of a global perspective helps them think outside of the box. Their primary motivation is a deeply rooted belief that our built environment is an active player in our experience. Many workplaces are places people want to escape, not arrive at. An office should be somewhere that works for us, a space that encourages creativity, productivity, peace of mind, and welcomes people in. They personally thrive in well-organized spaces and love creating them to see the positive impact everything being in the right place can have.

Published by Lindsey Foose

Lindsey is a Wellness Empowerment Coach and the founder of Zententional Living. She is the author of Awaken your Zenses, Nature Meditations and Mantras. She is a Level II Reiki practitioner, traditional Feng Shui practitioner, and Essential Oils Specialist dedicated to empowering individuals and families to live mindfully through intentional practices of self-care and self-healing. Visit to learn more! Follow on Instagram and Facebook via @zententionalliving

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