Awakening your True Self

Self-Guided Practices

These practices encompass specific techniques that are integrated into your customized Wellness Basket of Self-Care and Self-Healing to awaken your energy, discover your passion and purpose, and live your True Self with power.


Breathing is the foundational practice of being mindful. Breath work anchors the practices of Earthing and Meditation. When consciously aware of your breath, you awaken to the present moment and reside in your Stillpoint.


Earthing is the intentional practice of awakening your energy through communion with Nature. Through skin to earth contact, free radicals in the body are neutralized by the earth’s magnetic field and then released, recharging your energy and health.


Meditation is the intentional practice of focusing your attention and awareness to achieve mental clarity and emotional calmness. This state of being is foundational to discovering your True Self, passion, and purpose.


Journaling is an intentional practice of mindfulness that creates a tangible chronicle of your journey. Through your reflections, realizations, insights, and epiphanies you discover common themes or emotions that repeatedly present themselves, signifying additional attention may be necessary to work through them.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I may be

lao tzu

Awaken your True Self and live with passion, purpose, and power!