Awaken your Zenses, Nature Poems for Meditation and Reflection

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When is the last time you mindfully gazed at a pinecone, noticing its innate beauty, its distinctive scent, and how it feels in your hand? Awaken to your true self through meditating and reflecting on the beauty of Nature, the beauty of You, and your oneness with the Divine of all that Is. This beautiful collection of prose is written to spark awareness of the intricate beauty created by Nature in all of life. My book will be used as a guide in creating your reverent relationship with Nature.

Guided Practices

Breathing exercises, meditation, and Earthing exercises support in awakening your energy and beginning your journey of discovering your true self. These practices encompass various specific techniques that are integrated into your customized wellness basket for self-care and self-healing. Journaling your reflections, realizations, insights, and epiphanies is an intentional practice which creates a tangible chronicle of your journey. When referred back to, these insights may be helpful in identifying common themes or emotions that present themselves repeatedly, signifying additional attention may be necessary to work through them.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I may be

lao tzu

Awaken to your True Self and live with passion, purpose, and power!