AAH…Empowered Wellness! Series

Mindfulness and intention are required to keep a home and workspace clean and safe. Do you have newborns, children, pets, and/or family members living with you? Is your workspace supporting your wellness or silently undermining it? Do you desire to take control of your health? Are you looking for simple adjustments that will help you reduce your exposure to toxins? Do you desire to up-level your Sustainability Footprint and deepen your care of Mother Earth? Read on to discover 3 actions for detoxing your home and work environments.

Guest Post by Elizabeth Byler, Owner, Eden Environments

Have you ever walked into a space and felt your body immediately relax? Chances are you were in a welcoming space that was intentionally designed to maximize your comfort level. Read on to learn: 4 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Work Environment

7 Big Benefits of Mindfulness Training in the Workplace

Does your current Workplace Wellness Program include mindfulness training, energy management, strategies for improving key areas of employee wellbeing, and a Customized Wellness Basket of tools, techniques, resources, and products for each employee?

Read this article on the 7 benefits of mindfulness training in the workplace then… Contact me today!
Your employees deserve a top-notch wellness program!

Your Workplace Wellness Program: Are you Checking this Pulse Point?

Workplace Wellness is front of mind for many businesses, especially as many navigate re-entry processes for their employees, now that Pandemic quarantines and lockdowns are lifting, and many are returning to the workplace. It is a great time to assess the health of your Workplace Wellness Program. Ideally, it includes some type of EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and a plan to increase community and engagement outside of work. It may well include lifestyle support in the form of fitness resources, nutrition resources, and incentives for living a healthy lifestyle. However, there is one pulse point that you may be missing that has a direct effect on employee health and wellness. Continue reading to do a quick check-up on your current plan to see how well you are hitting this important pulse point.

The 3 doTerra Oils in My Summer Backpack

I dare say that anyone who uses essential oils, loves to share their recipes, uses, and favorite oils with whomever is willing to lend an ear. Spoiler Alert: I am no exception! Keep reading to discover my top 3 oils for summer, and feel free to comment on your top picks and uses in the Comments box. I’d love to learn new ideas from you!

“My Way or the Highway!” – Not an Ultimatum but a Conscious Choice to Live Mindfully

“My way or the Highway,” the ultimate ultimatum. For many, this phrase can be quite defeating when on the receiving end. For those slinging it, it connotes arrogance.

However, what if it is not an ultimatum at all? Can it can be a vivid metaphor of introspection at times when standing at crossroads? Can it serve as a reminder to consciously choose the path in life that is true to who you are?

Let’s travel each route to discover insights!

Earthing – Are You Doing it?

As we continue to celebrate Mother Earth this month, and learn about the intentional practice of Earthing to Awaken our Energy, The Earthing Institute provides an informative article on the benefits of Earthing and what to expect as you begin your practice.

3 Benefits of Beginning an Earthing Practice Today

There is a myriad of information available on the benefits of antioxidant rich foods in neutralizing the free radicals rummaging through our bodies and causing dis-ese and disease. Do you know that bare skin contact with Mother Earth is also able to neutralize these radicals in our bodies? The process is called Earthing, or grounding. Read on to discover 3 motives for beginning your Earthing practice today.


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