3 Benefits of Beginning an Earthing Practice Today

There is a myriad of information available on the benefits of antioxidant rich foods in neutralizing the free radicals rummaging through our bodies and causing dis-ese and disease. Do you know that bare skin contact with Mother Earth is also able to neutralize these radicals in our bodies? The process is called Earthing, or grounding. Read on to discover 3 motives for beginning your Earthing practice today.

Why Feng Shui?

A quick read for anyone curious if a Feng Shui appraisal is for you and how you might benefit from a reading.

7 Feng Shui Myths Debunked

Interested in obtaining a Feng Shui Appraisal for your space, but need some help to determine truth from myth. You are in the right place! Let’s set you on the right path. Read on!

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