Awakening your True Self
with Passion & Purpose

AAH…Empowered Wellness!

Courses are designed to be completed as either a DIY or as a Coaching Course. They will awaken your energy, spark a discovery of your Passion and Purpose, and empower you to live your True Self.

Detoxing Body, Mind, Spirit
DIY (.pdf emailed) – $349
8 Week Coaching – $795

Living Mindfully and Sustainably with Passion, Purpose & Power!

Detoxing Body, Mind, Spirit is for you if you desire to improve your sleep, energy levels, and productivity. This course is for you if you yearn to strengthen your relationships and overall well-being. This course is for you if stress, anxiousness, and overwhelm are causing sleepless nights and tension flare-ups. This course is for you if you are open to learning holistic and alternative practices to empower your Self-Care.

By the end of this course you will have identified personal triggers that cause you stress, anxiousness, and overwhelm; and you will have learned techniques for calming the body, mind and spirit during these moments.

Detoxing Body, Mind, Spirit addresses how to live mindfully and in harmony with self, others, and Nature, all three aspects must be attended to. This 82 page course covers 9 modules, each designed to focus on one aspect of healthy living at a time. Included in this course are Bonus Resources and reflective questions designed to awaken your awareness of how you can live with Passion and Purpose. By focusing on one area at a time, and truly embracing, and engaging with, the techniques and strategies, you begin your journey of discovering your Passion and Purpose, and living your True Self.

Bonus Content!
Includes a Module on Distance Energy Healing!
Receive a FREE Energy Healing Session with the purchase of this course!

As a Coaching course, you receive weekly virtual coaching sessions with me during which we work through any challenges you are facing, discuss personalized recommendations, and create a long-term self-care plan that fits your lifestyle. You will also receive your initial Wellness kit of your choosing targeted to strengthen and support your wellness journey.

Detoxing your Home
DIY (.pdf emailed) – $349
Coaching Course – $375 per Session
(3 hrs. of In-Home Support per Session)

Living Mindfully and Sustainably with Passion, Purpose & Power!

Detoxing your Home is for you if you care about the space in which you live and for the people, plants, and animals that share it with you. This course is for you if up-leveling your Sustainability Footprint is important to you. This course is for you if you desire to be an example for others to follow in living harmoniously with Mother Earth.

By the end of this course, you will have identified the areas of your home that might be causing synthetic exposure, and you will discover natural alternatives for products you use every day. You will learn how to make your own natural cleaners from the many DIY recipes included in this course!

Mindfulness and intention are required to keep a home clean and safe. You want to trust that the products you use to clean your home are safe.
This course covers 6 areas of your living environment where toxic products are most likely lurking. By focusing on one room at a time, and swapping out chemical laden cleaners for natural alternatives, you begin your journey of providing a safe haven for everyone in the household. Many of the tips and suggestions can also be applied to your work environment!

Bonus Content!
Includes a Module on Diffusing with Essential Oils!

Includes a Module on Feng Shui Tips!
Easy Peasy Life Hacks throughout the Course
DIY recipes and helpful links to Resources!

As a coaching course, you receive a 3 hour session with me in your home, per module. We work one module at a time and at your own pace. We work together to prioritize the areas of your home. Before your working session, we will develop a plan of action for how best to utilize our time together.

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Intro to Feng Shui

Essential Oils

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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Awaken your Passion and Purpose and live your True Self!