Meet Lindsey!

Lindsey is the founder of Zententional Living. She is the author of Awaken your Zenses, Nature Poems for Meditation and Reflection.

Lindsey is a level II Reiki practitioner, trained through International House of Reiki. She is also a traditional Feng shui practitioner, trained through American Feng Shui Institute. Lindsey has attained her certification as an Essential Oil Specialist.

Lindsey’s foundational practices include daily meditation, communing with Nature, and journaling. She continues her pursuit and studies of ancient metaphysical and spiritual practices through various organizations and instructors.

Paths of Connection

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Zententional Living

Zententional Living is a journey of presence and mindfulness, focusing on an awareness of the energy flow through our bodies and environments, and the consequences to both when our energies are out of alignment and blocked. Dis-ease (disease) in all its many forms results.

Zententional Living is born from my affinity toward the ancient Eastern philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism. I believe that we have much to glean from Eastern cultures and philosophies, especially with regards to living mindfully through the pursuit of alternative practices and natural products to support our self-care and self-healing. Central to the core of Zententional Living is a reverent relationship with Nature. I feel strongly that if we are to care for the wellbeing of Earth, we must first develop love for her. Awakening to our interconnectedness with Nature is foundational to discovering and living our True Selves with purpose, passion, and power.

My passion and purpose is to empower individuals and families to live mindfully and be present, through awakening, aligning, and harmonizing their energies. I aspire to assist individuals and families with creating a customized wellness basket to strengthen their health, relationships, and prosperity and optimize their time, energy, sleep, and productivity.

Claim your abundance of being grounded, relaxed, and in harmony with Life’s energy!