Aligning the Flow of Energies

Reiki – Distance Energy Healing/Clearing

When our personal energy is properly aligned, we restore balance to the whole body and can rely on the body’s wisdom and knowledge of knowing when and where realignment is necessary. A Reiki session channels universal lifeforce energy through the practitioner’s hands to the client to assist in restoring balance to body, mind, and spirit. This energy is the energy that manifests in all of creation. As a result, peace, wellbeing, and relief from distress, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual, may be experienced. Because Reiki is non-intrusive and non-manipulative, sessions may be offered remotely through the creation of an “energy ball” that is “sent” to the client. When the client is able to create quiet time, this energy can be consciously assimilated and directed to the areas of body, mind, and spirit needing healing. Distance Energy can also be generated to clear the energies of a space, such as a home or office, by creating and sending an “Energy Ball” of healthy, harmonious, and supportive energy to the space. See more info below.


Reiki, in its literal translation of Japanese is Spiritual (Rei) Energy (ki). Reiki, the system, is the practice of re-aligning one’s ki so that it may flow effortlessly throughout the body, supporting wellness. Causes for energy to become out of alignment include worry, fear, anger, stress, pain, and illness etc. These states of being block the flow of ki. Reiki is simply the sharing of the energy of pure Love and Light to re-align the flow of energy and promote self-healing.

Reiki is neither a religion nor is it invasive or intrusive. It is performed either by gentle touch or no-touch practices with the client fully clothed. Reiki may also be practiced distantly.

Reiki may also be practiced to clear the energy of a particular space, such as an office or home. This practice can be performed either in person or remotely.

Reiki is Love; Love is wholeness; wholeness is balance; balance is wellbeing; wellbeing is freedom from disease

Dr. Mikao usui, founder of usui reiki ryoho

Feng Shui – Energy Mapping for Home and Office

An environment with properly aligned energy can support and improve your productivity, relationships, energy levels, health, and prosperity. Feng shui, in its most basic understanding, describes how we can leverage the benefits of energy, or Qi, as it enters and moves throughout a space. Simply stated, feng shui aligns the energies that support you as you create optimal health, prosperity, and relationships. Good feng shui itself does not make you healthy or wealthy; rather good feng shui supports your efforts and energy as you work toward these goals. See more info below.


Traditional feng shui (pronounced fung shway), also referred to as Flying Stars Feng Shui, is the ancient Chinese practice of mapping the energy of a building and aligning those energies to best support the occupants through the intentional placement of the 5 elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. It is the most comprehensive Feng Shui practice.

Traditional feng shui uses the compass direction to which the building sits and the year of construction to determine the energy map – there are 144 different energy maps – which illustrates the energies that require either neutralizing or enhancing within the given space. Think of this map as a Natal Astrology Chart for a building.

In addition, each occupant’s personal directions most favorable for sleeping, studying, working, focusing, and meditating are also determined, as are the most favorable areas of the home or office for each individual.

Note: Appraisals start at $350.00 and are dependent on the total square footage of the space. Please email me or schedule a phone chat by clicking the appropriate button below. We will discuss your specific situation and determine your total cost. The $350.00 will be charged as a deposit if you your appraisal exceeds this amount. Full payment must be submitted before the appraisal process will begin.

Qi disperses while riding the wind; stalls when reaching water’s edge

Chinese adage

Discover the abundance of life when your energies are aligned and flow with ease!